Availing of Family Planning Method

  • Clientele: Couples
  • Requirements: Family Planning Record/ Individual Treatment Record (ITR)
  • Fees: None
  • Process in availing the service:

Process to Undergo

Processing Time

Accountable Person

Office Location

1. Client approaches the trained health personnel and seeks advice on the different family methods available.

2 minutes

MHO Staff


2. MHO staff introduces and informs the client about the different types of family planning

15 minutes

Midwife, PHN or MHO

2. The client decides what method to be used.

5 mins

3. MHO staff fills – up the Family Planning service record and assesses the client’s suitability to the chosen method

5 mins

Midwife, PHN or MHO

4. MHO staff administers the chosen method to the client and/or give instructions about the FP method

10 mins

Total Processing time Under Normal condition

32 minutes

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