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Centennial Mardi Gras Street Dancing Competition


April 03, 2017

7 A.M.

Theme: Celebrating A Century of Culture, Heritage and Progress

  1. Participants will perform mardigras dance. Costumes – must be of appropriate colors, designs and accessories according to their presentation.
  1. Participants are the 22 barangays of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. Participants must be at least 8 years old. Use of infants and toddlers is strictly prohibited.
  1. Starting point of dancing – New Government Center
  1. Each group should prepare a storyline to have a concept-based dramatic presentation, deadline for submission, February 28, 2017. Storyline projects thru the use of dance movement, music, costumes, props; all of these must be unified to give one short impressive presentation.
  1. Microphones maybe used to increase volume. Participants maybe allowed to record or tape for sound effects. Indigenous musical instruments like kudlong and saluray may be used provided, the contingent can present the right beat, right sound and right musical instrument during the performance.
  1. Big live animals and vehicles are encouraged only to be used as float to follow all other contingents. Animals must be provided with proper receptacle for its waste.
  1. Props must be borne by the dancers themselves in order to maintain color or continuity of performances. Dance steps should be progressive all throughout the parade route.
  1. Props should be moderate in size to allow viewing of spectators located on both sides of the streets.
  1. Since synchronization of performances is very vital for the smooth flow of participants, two (2) points shall be deducted from the total score who does not follow the instructions of the parade marshalls and/or communicators assigned to them.
  1. All contingents are prohibited from using inflammable materials such as fire works or pyrotechnics as part of the ritual/highlight performance, to avoid accidents during their performance. Two (2) points shall be deducted from any contingent who violate this provision.
  1. The maximum time limit for each presentation in the performance areas (street) is limited to three (3) minutes only. Green flag-start; Yellow flag – warning; Red flag – stop. There will be two (2) performance areas in the street. Two (2) points shall be deducted from the total score for every minute in excess of the time limit.
  1. Group coordinators must check with the committee or street dancing secretariat for any development of uncontrollable changes especially when coming close to the competition schedule.
  1. Transportation fees and allowance for the participants shall be taken cared by their respective barangays.
  1. In case of tie, the following factors will be considered:
  1. a) Number of participants –

a minimum of 30

a maximum of  100 including drummers, dancers and propsmen (all participants)

  1. b) Punctuality -Late comers in the assembly area – (minus 1 point)
  1. c) Should there still be a tie; the appointed Chairman will have to break the tie. In no instance shall a tie for the top prizes be declared. The decision of the Board of Judges in this contest shall be FINAL and UNAPPEALABLE.
  1. Participating barangays should assign ONE (1) official coordinator who shall coordinate with the Street Dancing Committee relative to the contest.
  1. As required by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, (BIR) payment of prizes and awards are subject to 10 % with holding taxes,