Dahilayan Gardens & Resort

Nestled at the base of beautiful Mt. Kitanglad is Dahilayan Gardens and Resort. It encompasses all that you could ask for when searching for a place to play, relax and unwind amidst some of the most pristine landscape imaginable.

Designed to be absolutely perfect for weddings, romantic getaways, family vacations and adventure trips. The resort also offer the perfect setting for team buildings, seminars, trainings and even retreats and recollections

Dahilayan Gardens and Resort’s lodging allows privacy and seclusion. Enjoy the experience of cottages equipped with a kitchen, dining room, deck, bedroom and living room or thoroughly feel the cool breeze of misty air from the mountains in its camp site.

Delight yourself and relax at the secluded expansive rolling hills while horseback riding followed by jet boating, water balling, water slide or simply fishing at the lagoon.


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