Filing of VAWC Cases/ filing of child abuse cases

  • Clientele : Battered wives/ child abuse & rape cases
  • Requirements:
  • Barangay certification (that cases were already deliberated in the Brgy. but no settlement was done)
  • Medical Examination from PNP
  • Medical Certificate from MHO
  • Fees: Php 50.00
  • Process in availing the service:

Process to undergo

Processing Time

Accountable Person(s)

Office Location

1. Client goes to the MSWD office for assessment of the case. MSWD staff interviews the client for data gathering.

20 minutes

MSWD Staff

MSWD Office

2. MSWD staff refers client to police to file the case

1 hour

PNP Officer

PNP Station

3. MHO personnel requests medical examination from PNP

45 minutes

Health Office


4. Client pays at MTO

15 minutes

All revenue Collection Clerk


5. Client goes to MHO for medical examination

1 hour

MHO staff


6. Client goes back to MSWD for case discussion and counseling.

30 minutes

MSWD staff


7. MSWD endorses client’s  medical certificate to PNP for case filing

30 minutes

MSWD staff/ PNP Officer

PNP station

Total processing time under Normal condition

4 hours and 20 minutes