Hataw Manolo

Brief Description:

This special project was created to have a more focused and widespread implementation of various sports activities. Outsourcing of important sports gadgets or materials is also part of the project, in fact, a boxing ring is now being owned by the Local Government courtesy of a Board Member who supported the project. Previously, the LGU needs to rent or borrow from other towns whenever a boxing ring is needed. Now, this donated boxing ring is being used in a more extensive search for a Municipal Boxing team. Aside from boxing during Charter and Fiesta celebrations various sports activities like basketball, volleyball, mountain biking, shooting, and local sports are also being held. Most of all, a weekly fitness exercise called “HATAW” was launched starting with the municipal employees and in many barangays to promote a healthy lifestyle. This introduction of HATAW started with a training of trainers who would handle the exercise sessions in the barangays.


To promote sports and healthy lifestyle to combat lifestyle diseases.


  • Established a “Hataw” exercise in the municipal hall every Friday afternoon
  • Launched “Hataw” in seven barangays
  • Obtained a boxing ring from a donation & different barangays were given services.
  • Series of boxing matches are now on going to create a municipal boxing team
  • Conducted 2 days Orientation Seminars/Training Workshop for Referees/Judges for ABAP MANOLO FORTICH CHAPTER last Feb 6 -7, 2010 participated by different barangays.
  • Conducted Amateur boxing tournament from March – June 2010.Barangay Lingi-on got the overall champion, 2nd place – Barangay Alae & 3rd place – Barangay Sankanan.
  • Conducted free live telecast boxing of Pacquiao & Clottey last March 14, 2010.
  • Participated Ethnic Sports Competition at Malaybalay City last March 7, 2010 & got 3rd runner up which was participated by Indigenous People of Barangay Dahilayan.
  • Conducted the 1st Mayor’s Cup Inter Agency Basketball Challenge last June – Aug 2010 participated by different local agencies & private companies of this municipality.
  • Conducted the 2nd RQ Motor cross Competition last June 19, 2010 participated by the Manolo Fortich Riders & different municipalities.
  • Conducted 1st Open Dart Tournament last June 12, 2010 which was participated by Manolo Fortich Darter & other municipalities & cities.

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