I Love Manolo Fortich

I Love Manolo Fortich

Brief Description:

This project promotes participation of every constituent of the municipality in achieving its beautification and landscaping goals by making such participation an expression of love for Manolo Fortich. September 9, 2009(09-09-09) symbolizing “GO GO GO” was a day to remember for the project, it was a day when over 1,000 Manolo Fortich residents in red gathered to join in this expression of love. This was started with the unveiling of the billboards in two strategic areas, followed by the motorcade just before the program proper at the gym. Part of the program was a candle lighting which symbolizes the bright future that comes out of unity and also distribution of “Poinciana” tree seedlings to the barangays ,which was the approved unifier in the landscaping plans along the national, provincial and barangay roads. Siblings of the town who excelled in various fields like in entertainment, sports, acting, science and others led the people to show their affection and action for a better Manolo Fortich. Many of them came to really support and take part in the occasion by sharing their thoughts and talents.I Love Manolo Fortich

Objective: To create a more participative and transformational beautification activity for the town.


  • Implemented the initial phase of the project: cleaning and planting of unifier plants along the national highways
  • Erected two “I Love Manolo Fortich” billboards along the National Highway, at Alae (the entry to Manolo Fortich) and Maluko (boundary of Manolo Fortich)
  • Propagated over 20,000 Poinciana tree seedlings and other plants for landscape ready for planting.
  • Invited 27 Stakeholders to a meetings, 25 attended & signified participation
  • Conducted brief orientation on the concept of Special Project during Flag Ceremony at MFCES.
  • Promoted MFCES’ program of wearing project t-shirts every Wednesday.
  • In support of this project, the Special Project Coordinators’ lead the beautification/landscaping of Mangima Spring Resort.

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