Issuance of Building Permit

This permit is needed prior to construction or renovation of any structures to be constructed within the municipality of Manolo Fortich.

  • Clientele:  Residents, non-residents, Corporations
  • Requirements:
    • BUILDING PLAN (6 Blue Printed Copies) Signed and sealed by a licensed Civil Engineer/Master Plumber and Mechanical Engineer & Prof. Electrical Engr.)
    • Vicinity/Location Plan
    • Site Development Plan
    • Perspective, Elevation, Floor Plan & Details
    • Electrical Plans with details and computations
    • Plumbing Plan with details
    • Tax Declaration or Land Title (5 photo copies)
    • Authorization from the Land Owner or Deed or Sale or any proof of ownership if Tax Declaration or TCT is not in the name of the applicant (5 photo copies)
    • Current Tax Receipt or Tax Clearance (5 photo copies)
    • Bill of Materials and Cost Estimates (5 copies)
    • Building Specifications (5 copies)
    • Certification from the Barangay Chairman as to Road A llowance
    • Zoning Certification (2 copies)
    • Building Permit Form
    • Sanitary/Plumbing Permit Form
    • Electrical Permit Form
    • Mechanical Permit Form
    • Sign Permit Form
    • Fencing Permit Form
    • Application  for Cert. of Occupancy Permit Form
  • Fees:  Per assessment (NBC) -PD 1096
  • Process in availing the Service:

Process to Undergo

Processing Time

Accountable Person(s)

Office Location

1. Client asks for checklist from the receiving clerk (Requirements)

5 mins

M.C. Galicia


2.Client submits all necessary documents for assessment

20 mins

3. The MEO processes the submitted documents

1 day

4. MEO submits  1 set of plan to Fire Station for review

5 days

Fire Marshall

Within the locality

5.MEO reviews the documents

2 hrs/plan
(5 days-as to actual site)

M.C. Galicia


6. MEO conducts placement of Building Permit number after 5 days of recommendation from fire station.

30 mins/plan

7. OBO approves the application

2 days/week

Engr. Ricardo M. Madrid
(Bldg Official)

8. MEO endorses  approved plans at MASSO and NSO

5 minutes

M.C. Galicia


Total processing time under normal condition

8 days
3 hours

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