Issuance of Locational Clearance

Locational Clearance is issued by MPDC as Deputized Zoning Administrator depending on the proponent’s project.

  • Clientele : All citizens of Manolo Fortich and other interested individuals/parties
  • Requirements    :
    • Application form, duly accomplished and notarized.
    • Proof of ownership over the land to be used.
    • Certificate of title, in the name of the applicant or any of the following documents together with the Owner’s Certificate of Title or Tax Declaration.  In its absence, the following must be submitted:
    • Deed of Sale, in the name of the applicant
    • Deed of donation
    • Contract of lease
    • Authorization to use the land from the land owner, in case Lot Title is not in the name of the proponent
    • Vicinity Map or Location Plan showing existing land uses within 100 meter radius (for projects of local significance), and one (1) kilometer radius (for projects of national significance) from the lot boundary of the project site.
    • Site Development Plan (Lot Plan) – showing lot area boundaries and dimensions of proposed improvements within the project site.
    • Floor Plan of the proposed or existing project.
    • Bill of Materials/Project Cost/Capitalization, (including machineries/equipment, it any) signed by a Licensed Engineer or Architect.
    • Filing Fee – to be determined upon submission of complete documents.
    • DAR and DA Clearance, if the project site is classified as agricultural land
    • Environment Compliance Certificate (ECC) or CNC to be issued by the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) – Regional Office
    • Affidavit of Non-Objection for:
      • Poultry
      • Piggery
      • Cellular Tower
      • And all other projects which are listed in the guidelines of the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board
    • Barangay Resolution from concerned barangay council favorably indorsing the proposed project.
  • Fees: Refer to the Municipal Revenue Code
  • Process in availing the service:

Process to Undergo

Processing Time

Accountable Person

Office Location

1. Client secures service slip from the receiving clerk

3 minutes

Virgie Quiño


2. Client Fills-up the service slip

5 minutes


3. Client submits filled-up service slip to the receiving clerk of the concerned office

2 minutes

Virgie Quiño

4. Proponent applies for LC at MPDO

5 minutes

Virgie Quiño /Rey Verador

5. Municipal Mayor issues mayor’s memorandum to the Municipal Inspection Team (MIT)

3 days

Virgie Quiño/Elsa Tolentino


6. Municipal Inspection Team conducts site inspection.

1 day

Mun. Inspection Team (MIT)

7. MIT prepares and submits inspection reports

1 day


8. MPDO issues Locational Clearance application forms with requirements.

5 mins.

Virgie Quiño/Rey Verador/Elsa Tolentino


9. MPDO evaluates the  documents submitted

20 Min.

Virgie Quiño

10. MPDO staff prepares Locational Clearance

30 Min.

Virgie Quiñ

11. MPDC approves the locational clearance

10 minutes

Nena B Vallecera

Total Processing Time Under Normal Condition

5 days, 1 hour and 20 minutes