Kampo Juan


Adventure, Nature and Culture awaits you KAMPO JUAN in Barangay Dicklum. The newest eco-adventure destination in town, Kampo Juan is named in honor of Dr. Juan Acosta, a veritable giant in Horticulture and Plant Breeding Scientist in the country. It offers raw, fresh and natural adventures not just for adrenaline addicts but for those who seek to experience what country living is all about.

Its biggest attraction is the Philippine’s first and only Anicycle where you get to ride a bicycle on a cable hanging 100 feet on a ravine and expanse the length of 600 feet. Indeed, biking is more fun Manolo Fortich!

Walking through the hanging bridge which spans 360 feet across the ravine and 200 feet above the river is another breathtaking experience. Kampo Juan also offers zip line rides, rappelling, paramotoring and more thrilling adventures to come.

In addition to the adventure sports, Kampo Juan has 6 hectares Plant Breeding and Demo Farm where organic crops are cultivated by Dr. Juan himself. It is a great place to visit for students and farmers who are into innovative, organic and sustainable agriculture practices.


5 Responses to Kampo Juan

  1. -gusto ko mg anha, mga pila kha ang mabayad?

  2. oyoy slick says:

    50 entrance fee
    All rides 1 way anicycle, 2 zip line rides and hanging bridge is 600 pesos

  3. Charie says:

    Unsaon pag anhi dinhi?

  4. is there a need to book for the rides? or s der a package of rides and accomodation? how much?

  5. lanie says:

    Hi..duna mo pool dha sa kampo Juan

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