LGU Manolo Fortich Awards – CY 2010-2012

GPK-Provincial Award, 3rd Place, January 7, 2013
National Literacy Award, 3rd Place, Sept 2012
Seal of Good housekeeping, June 2012
Best Municipal Peace and Order OC Provincial Level, June 2012

Seal of Good Housekeeping, June 2011
GPK –Provincial Award, 2nd, 2011
Regional Champion Rescue Olympics, 2010
Regional Champion Rescue Operations Challenge, 1st Runner Up, 2010-2011
Municipal “AA” Slaughterhouse, Best LGU-Owned Slaughterhouse for Region X, 2010
Most Outstanding LGU Alternative Learning System Implementation in the Region, 2010
Rank 5th in the Province with Least Malnutrition Rate (from 9th), 2010
Rank 1st in the Region for LGU Owned Community Colleges (based on LET Result), 2010

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