Livestock Dispersal

Livestock Dispersal

Brief Description:

Although a regular program of the Municipal Agriculture office, this special project aims to give more focus in the outsourcing and breeding of more livestock for dispersal to farmers. Livestock DispersalThe municipal agriculture now maintains and breeds the does and bucks at the goat multiplier farm. Several other funding sources have been tapped for additional swine and cattle to foster the project. Ideas of tapping the organized businessmen and professionals were also explored to widen the scope and coverage of the project. The coordinator of the project is creating a more effective means of dispersing the stock through collaboration with other coordinators like the farmers sector and the assembliya sa sona to help identify fit beneficiaries.


To provide additional income to marginalized farmers and indigent families.


  • Produced twenty-seven kids out of the original stock of 2 bucks and 10 does, ready for dispersal
  • Created a contract agreement for the dispersal of various livestock, stipulating the basic terms and conditions in availing the project.
  • Dispersed 22 heads of swine (CPAR) @ Barangay Lindaban
  • Dispersed 10 heads of swine (CLEEP) @ Barangay Lunocan
  • Dispersed 7 heads of goat @ Barangay Lunocan & Santiago
  • Conducted 3 seminars on Swine Production @ Barangay Agusan Canyon (Camp 1), Lindaban & Lunocan
  • Conducted 2 seminars on Goat Production @ Barangay Lunocan & Santiago

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