Respond Quickly Rescue Team (RQRT)

Brief Description:

Due to the terrain of the provincial and national roads, Manolo Fortich has identified road accidents as one of the main cause of mortality in the place. The RQRT special project which was established on September 2007, addresses the pressing need of an immediate response team to assist and save lives in these incidents, anent to this; RQRT also became the constituents’ 24-hour access for any form of public assistance. Its fame rose when even at a tight budget and improvised gadgets; the team became a grand slam winner in the Regional Rescue Olympics, excelling in search and rescue, rope rescue, fire fighting and other categories.


Assist the public and save their lives and properties


  • Established a team of trained rescuers who are on duty in the municipal hall 24-hrs a day seven days a week
  • Trained 16 regular and many other auxiliary rescuers from the Local Government and other agencies
  • Established a VHF radio frequency, telephone number and emergency hotline number for the RQRT and made it known to the public through regular advertising
  • Distributed handheld radios to all barangay Chairmen and chief of Civilian Volunteer Officers (CVO)
  • Assisted over 1,000 emergency and even numerous public calls since its creation
  • Organized and trained 18 barangay rescue teams as auxiliaries to the RQRT
  • Grand slam winner to the Regional Rescue Olympics sponsored by the Office of Civil Defense and the Regional Disaster Coordinating Council
  • Conducted Lecture on Basic answering procedure on RDO communications at Northern Bukidnon Community College
  • Administered first aid & other rescue operations during Mangima 4th Regional 4×4 Offroad Competiton last September 18-19, 2010.
  • Conducted the 1st Municipal General Eyeball for the 22 barangays radio modulators/Brgy RDO Operators at Mangima Spring Resort last October 9, 2010 attended by 103 participants.
  • Assisted different activities in this municipality during emergency cases.
  • Conducted Road mapping for accident prone areas within Manolo Fortich.

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