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artesian well banner

Artesian Well

Water is one of the basic needs of a community, thus in the early 1930s residents of Barrio Tankulan used an artesian well for water source. The well was constructed through the

Japanese Stone Marker

Manolo Fortich is a home of several historical artifacts, one of these is the Japanese Stone Marker which indicates the graves of high-ranking Japanese Officials

Mangima Old Bridge

Remnants of the guerrilla activities in Bukidnon during World War II, the Mangima Old Bridge attests the bravery and patriotism of the locals in Manolo Fortich. The bridge which

Mangima Heroes Shrine

Located within the Mangima Canyon Springs and Country Park, the Mangima Heroes Shrine stands as the historic symbol of valor and nationalism for the heroic acts

Gen. Douglas MacArthur Landmark

Built through the effort of the Rotary Club of Northern Bukidnon, the memorial landmark is located at Barangay Dicklum then an airfield of the US Army Air Corps before World War II