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Issuance of Leasehold Contract

Leasehold contracts are issued to the market vendors who have partially or fully paid the goodwill money of a fixed stall at the public market.

Issuance of Market Clearance

Market Clearance is a requirement before the municipality issues any license or permit for any business or activity. The Market Clearance is obtained from the Market Office where the intended business of activity is conducted at the Agusan Canyon Public Market, Poblacion Public Market and San Miguel Plea Market (Miyerkolesan).

  • Clientele: Market Vendors, Traders, Retailers, Businessman, etc. doing business   within the public market
  • Requirements: Official Receipts from Market Collector, Statement of Account
  • Fees: depends on the client's bill
  • Process in Availing the Service:

Process to Undergo

Processing Time

Accountable Persons

Office Location

1. Client secures service slip from the receiving clerk

2 Mins

Mr. Ruben I. Javien
Market Supervisor

Poblacion Public Market – Office of the Market Supervisor

2. Client fills-up service slip

5 mins.


3. Client submits filled-up service slip to the receiving clerk

2 mins

Mr. Roy Andam

Public Market Office

Public Market Office

4. The Market staff verifies records.

If delinquent:

a.1 Client secures statement of account

a.2 Client pays account.

a.3 Client presents O.R for clearing and recording of Payment(s)

If cleared, client proceeds to step 5.

5 mins.

3 mins.

5 mins.

5 mins.

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Mr. Ruben I. Javien
Mr. Roy Andam

Mr. Ruben I. Javien
Market Supervisor

5. Market officer prepares and approves the Market Clearance

5 mins

6. Market officer records the Issued Market Clearance in the log book

2 Mins.

7. Market officer releases the Market Clearance

2 mins.


36 minutes