Tooth Extraction/Oral Prophylaxis

  • Clientele: All people of the Municipality
  • Requirements:
  • Fees:
  • Process in availing the service:

Process to Undergo

Processing Time

Accountable Person

Office Location

1. Client approaches receiving BHW and gets service slip

2 minutes

BHW on Duty


2. Client fills-up service slip with the assistance of the BHW and submits to the dental aide

5 minutes

Client/ BHW on Duty

3. Dental aide fills-up the priority logbook

2 minutes

Dental Aide

4. Client pays at MTO

10 minutes

All Revenue Collection Clerk


5. Client waits until his/her name is called

15 minutes

Magdalena Solis


6. Dentist examines the client

5  minutes

Ronalyne N. Ronquillo

7. Dentist performs Tooth extraction/ Oral Prophylaxis

20 minutes
Oral (Tooth extraction)
2 hours (Oral Prophylaxis)

8. Give prescription to the patient

2 mins

Total Processing time Under Normal condition

Tooth Extraction: 1 hour and 1 minute
Oral Prophylaxis: 2 hours and 41 minutes

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