Manolo Fortich
Home of the FIRST Pineapple Plantation in the Far East & the
Adventure Capital of the Philippines

Located in the Northern part of the Province of Bukidnon, the Municipality of Manolo Fortich is the gateway to the magnificent Province of Bukidnon being 35 kilometers from Cagayan de Oro City and 55 kilometers from the Province Capital Malaybaly City. With its 42,556.04 hectares of land area, 28.66% of which covers the forest/timberland which impinge on the relatively cool and humid atmosphere in addition to its highest elevation of 1,979 meters above sea level.

Manolo Fortich hailed as the home of the first pineapple plantation of the Far East when Del Monte [then Philippine Packing Corporation] in Bukidnon began in 1926, when an American named James McNeil “Neil” Crawford led a small team to the Philippines from Hawaii to scout for areas to plant pineapple. Crawford founded and helped to established Del Monte in [Manolo Fortich] Bukidnon. (p. 73 BUKIDNON: The Philippine Frontier) The vast 5,000 hectares of pineapple plantation never failed to amaze visitors who view the great plantation for the first time.

Founded in April 4, 1917 (Executive Order No. 5), the municipality was formerly called Maluko, and then composed of the first 8 barrios. In June 21, 1957 Maluko was changed to Manolo Fortich named after Don Manolo Fortich, the first military governor of the Province of Bukidnon.

Don Manolo Fortich, a Filipino of Spanish and Chinese ancestry… was legendary in his own time. He was a classic caudillo [a leader or chief, an overlord] in the Spanish sense, powerful and bigger than life. (p. 105 BUKIDNON: The Philippine Frontier) He ruled the province from 1907 to 1914 but his legacy in Bukidnon history is of utmost essence. Don Manolo Fortich is well-known as the man on horseback who portrays the image of an illustrious adventurer and considered a local hero in his time. As the local legend had it Don Manolo was referred to as the “king of the crocodiles”. The story has it that he would go to the riverbank and clap his hands, and all the crocodiles would swarm to him. (p. 107 BUKIDNON: The Philippine Frontier) Indeed, Don Manolo Fortich was a valiant adventurer who never cowed from any challenge while luxuriating himself in nature’s splendor by becoming a rancher.

True to the character of its name sake, the Municipality of Manolo Fortich is now the Adventure Capital of Philippines with the presence of the variety of adventure sports and recreation activities found only in town. Experience and enjoy the most exciting thrill of a lifetime… fly high and behold the scenic view of Manolo Fortich from a bird’s eye view… or explore the wonders of nature and dare yourself in the extremely challenging and ecstatic amusements… only in Manolo Fortich!

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